Let their journeys continue! 

Picking up where we left off on the premiere episode of The One, we were introduced to our wonderful and eager bachelor and bachelorette, Brent Underwood and Ashley Evans as they look for love with the guidance of Kirk and Tammy Franklin. 

During the first episode, we met Brent’s suitors, Melisa (Lisa), 36, who is a hair and make-up stylist, and Michelle, 35, who is a fitness trainer as they all spar it out at a local gym. 

Meanwhile, Ashley had a chance to go on a hot salsa dance date with Michael, 35, who is an IT specialist, and Brian, 34, a business owner. 

At the end of the episode both Brent and Ashley had to make their big decision on who they wanted in the mansion! Brent chose to bring Melisa to the mansion, and Ashley chose Brian to into the mansion. 

But the fun didn’t stop there, this week the process continues. 

As they get ready for their second round of dates, the Franklins check in with both Ashley and Brent to see where their minds are at during this second round. 

“We are excited to take this journey with Ashley and Brent. We’re getting to know them even better, so we starting to get more invested ourselves,” Tammy shared. 

Ashley checked in with Tammy to express her desire to break an emotionally taxing cycle of sacrificing oneself for the sake of family. Ashley shared that she is willing to have this conversation with her mother, whom she watched sacrifice herself for the Evans family. 

“I didn’t realize until I talked to Ms. Tammy that I needed to break a cycle. I saw my mom sacrifice herself and who she is for the family, and I’m sure she watched her mother do the same thing,” Ashley reflected. 

Brent revealed his fear of being in another unsuccessful relationship/marriage as he checked in with Kirk as they discussed what “baggage” he’s been carrying. 

“Overall, just fear of failure. It’s not so much fear of being married again, but it’s having an unhealthy or unsuccessful marriage. And it makes you not even want to try,” Brent revealed. 

However, Kirk held him accountable and re-asked the question to see if there’s another reason of what could be stopping Brent from finding love. 

And Brent dropped the truth like an anchor. 

“I guess it would have to be … can I truly be with one woman,” he flat out said. 

So, will Brent let his potential suitors know if he’s truly ready to be committed to only them? We shall see! 

For their second rounds of dates, Brent takes Brittany, a 32-year-old nurse, and Rychie, a 40-year-old chef axe throwing. 

Brittany describes herself as a fun, bubbly, and outgoing person that Brent would appreciate.  

Rychie describes herself as healed as a result her last relationship of eight years ended after her partner passed away. 

While getting to know each woman, Brent took a gentle approach to see who he aligned with more easily. And we are here for that approach! 

As for Ashley, she and her second batch of suitors, Steave, a 32-year-old celebrity barber, and Montavious, a 36-year-old cyber security manager have a gym date. 

Ashley had one thing on her mind on this second date, and that is stamina! Will they be able to handle a bit of friendly competition amongst each other? 

Well, when it came to the second half of the date, Ms. Britanny was a no-show, leaving Ms. Rychie (Rychie Rich) to get to know Brent a whole lot better! 

Ashley felt as though she wasn’t connecting with either Steave, or Montavious especially when things took an awkward turn with their spontaneous rap battle. 

Of course, we had to tap in with our fans, here’s our favorite tweets from last night’s discussion! 


We are glad y’all had a great time watching last night’s episode with us! We can’t still get over that rap battle! 


You already KNOW how Kirk gives it up, he shoots straight from the hip, and keeps it real (and real funny)! 


Kirk will always have us in stitches! We can’t get enough of him on the big screen. 


Our girl Melinda Melrosejoined last night’s discussion. And we are still cackling over the amount of SHADE that was being thrown. Let us know what other shady comments, you clocked during last night’s episode. 



GAHHHHH Steave, what was thaaaaaat?!?! 


Yes ma’am we LOVE a healed woman! Go ahead Ms. Rychie, we see you. 


Weren’t we all? 


That was a close call for sure! 


A lot of you were feeling Steave at the end of the episode. 


We love meeting and seeing Ashley’s parents! Weren’t their matching outfits cute? 


Yikes this fan was NOT feeling Steave or Montavious… hopefully they will like Ashley’s third batch of suitors.  

Y’all aren’t letting up on the idea of Brent and Ashley getting together! Be sure to watch the rest of the season to find out if Brent and Ashley find their special partner. 

How did you enjoy last night’s episode? Do you agree with Brent and Ashley’s choices? Let us know your thoughts below! 

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