Introducing Ashley Evans | The One


As we inch closer to the premiere of TV One’s brand-new, and exciting dating series, The One, we want to introduce you to one of the fabulous singles that will be looking for love on the show, Ashley Evans! 

The 37-year-old chemist is a die-hard Waynesboro, GA woman that loves and appreciates her small-town upbringing. 

Together with her older brother, she was raised by both of her parents. Although she and her dad today get along really well, she expressed that she never felt particularly protected or led by the men in her family when she was growing up. Ashley shared that her father struggled with alcohol addiction and wasn’t a good example of the kind of guy she should date. 

Raised in a God-fearing household, Ashley has a deep commitment to her faith and demands the same of anyone she plans to spend the rest of her life with. 

Ashley respects her mother for supporting her father despite his challenges. However, it might have also caused her to stay with certain guys longer than she should have in the past, including some who had their own addiction problems. 

Ashley describes herself as a “professional dater”. She has dated sportsmen, lawyers, physicians, and models. It often frustrates her that she is the last single member of her sister circle since she hasn’t found the appropriate partner. 

This 37-year-old bachelorette’s dating process consists of her knowing what she wants, and she has a solid list of “no’s” that she will not accept in a partner. She has no patience for liars, violent individuals, or ineffective communicators. She values having a partner who leads an active lifestyle, exercises frequently and eats well. 


Ashley has a tendency to place greater emphasis on a man’s intellectual skills and believes that physical attraction can grow over time. Since relocating to Atlanta to earn her bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she views the world in a scientific lens!  

We can’t wait to see Ashley’s journey unwind as she searches for Mr. Right on The One! 

To see Ashley’s journey to finding her true love with the amazing help of our knowledgeable hosts, Kirk and Tammy Franklin, watch the season premiere Thursday, May 18th at 9P/8C! 

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