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Glenn Jones lit up the airwaves in the late 80's and early 90's with love ballads that made women swoon. But he later battled financial woes, and a health crisis that imperiled his life.

Now that we traveled back in time to the golden era of R&B and Soul music, it's time we remember one of the best decades, the 80s! To see the beloved artists that'll keep the party going during the #Unsung15 anniversary marathon on Thanksgiving.

Alright y'all, it's time to travel back to the golden era of music, or what we know and call the decade of soul as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of #Unsung!

Without their fighting spirits, we can't even imagine where we would be as a community! ✊🏾 We're taking a look back at the journeys of brave leaders in an all-new of Unsung Best In Black: Activists! 🎥  More on tvone.tv.

We are schooling #Unsung viewers as we explore the history of SOLAR Records this coming Sunday, November 6th, during the Unsung season finale! Are you ready to learn about one of the most influential record labels?

Photo by: Anthony Barboza/Getty Images Drummer/composer Norman Connors was a pioneer in the synthesis of progressive R&B and jazz, creating a blend that appealed to intellectuals and romantics both. Much like Roy Ayers, George Benson, and Patrice Rushen, this musical genius is most recognized for his significant R&B successes but was originally a jazz improvisation. […]

TV One honors and celebrates Reggae's revolution by taking a deep dive into the culture by honoring some of the genre's biggest stars.

Photo by: TV One When you think of leaders in the business and entertainment/broadcast industries, Ms. Catherine Liggins Hughes is certainly at the top of the list. Ms. Hughes is a change-maker and deserves every flower. She is the epitome of broadcast and entertainment. Cathy Hughes was born on April 22, 1947, in Omaha, Nebraska. […]

In 1992, Das EFX released their debut album 'Dead Serious.' The hit single "The Want EFX!" rose to the top of the charts and introduced the mainstream industry to their brand new “iggity” cadence and stutter rap style.

The trendsetting '90s rap duo reflected on their beginnings at Virginia State University back in the late '80s.

Fans of hip-hop group P.M. Dawn across the country are set to get an in-depth look into the chart-topping duo’s rise to stardom and the challenges they faced over the years in an all-new episode of Unsung. On Sunday, April 3, Eternal, formally known as DJ Minutemix, will tell their story starting all the way from their […]