As we kick off the celebration of Unsung’s 15th anniversary, we want to take you back to the golden era of music, the 1960s to 1970s.

During November, we are reflecting on the amazing stories that these acts shared with us, we want to honor them by sharing our favorite songs while giving these musical titans their well-deserved flowers. Without further ado, here are our favorite tracks from The Emotions, Switch, The Chi-Lites, David Ruffin, and Tammi Terrell!

The Emotions:

If you’re a fan of girl groups, then you know about the wickedly talented The Emotions.

This Chicago-based girl group blew us away after they transitioned from a Gospel group into a phenomenal R&B group when they signed to Stax Records in the late 1960s.  They solidified their legacy within the music industry for years to come when they gave us hits such as “Don’t Ask My Neighbors,” “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love,” and of course, “Best of My Love.”

During their height, they saw immediate success as many of their songs charted high on Billboard charts.

Here’s our favorite song by The Emotions:



You know we have to talk about Switch when discussing the golden era of music!

Without this influential funk band, we would not know about the legendary DeBarge family.

Switch saw immediate success after coming together from their White Heat days, and formed the funk band. After they signed to Gordy, a subsidiary Motown Records label Switch released their self-titled debut-album where they had a top 10 R&B hit single on their hands.

Switch overall landed at the 36th spot on the Billboard charts, but most importantly we couldn’t help to add this album to our musical rotation.

Some of their beloved tracks such as “I Call Your Name,” Love Over and Over Again,” and our personal favorite song by the band “There’ll Never Be” will be jams that will get us out of our seats and sing along.

Check out our favorite Switch track below.


The Chi-Lites:

Now The Chi-Lites is a band that deserves all of their flowers.

After the Chicago based quartet came together and joined forces in 1959, they saw new heights of success and fame during the 1960s and 1970s.

During their well-decorated career, they earned eleven Top 10 R&B hits. They gave us all of the classics that are still being bumped on our stereos to this day. From “Homey Girl,” “A Letter to Myself,” and of course “Oh Girl” will forever be on our playlists.

After growing up on this hit alone, it seems impossible to not be a fan of The Chi-Lites!


David Ruffin:

The name David Ruffin brings us so many memories!

We honestly don’t know where to begin, but he made us appreciate music.

Ruffin’s introduction to the secular side of the music industry is nothing short of huge. In 1957, he signed to Miracle Records and worked alongside fellow music titan, Marvin Gaye.

He then went on to join The Temptations in 1964. After recording their smash hit “My Girl” the band propelled into new heights of success. Ruffin’s distinct voice was credited for the band’s success during this period.

His influence, and his deep, smooth and suave voice impacted male R&B stars years after his tragic passing.

It’s so difficult to pick a favorite David Ruffin song, so for now, we are vibing to “Walk Away from Love.”

Tammi Terrell: 

Tammi Terrell holds a special place in our hearts as a genuine fan of music.

While she was only a teenager when she emerged on the R&B scene, she began her career as a recording artist for Florence Greenberg’s independent record label, Wand Records in 1960.

However, after she left the label, she caught the attention of mega star James Brown, and in 1969 she became a background singer for him.

That same year, she formed the musical act, The Sherrys, but was ultimately kicked out of the group due to many disagreements.

Two years later, she recorded her first hit single, “I Cried” under Brown’s Try Me record label. The young singer earned seven Top 40 singles throughout her career.

Her music can put anyone in the best of moods when played in public. Her impact on the music industry is still influencing singers that came after her large presence. Her memorable performances on tracks such as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” to “You’re All I Need to Get By” are still appreciated by us to this day.

Here’s our favorite Tammi Terrell track.

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