Black Girls Rock! 2012 – Arrivals

Last week Marsha Ambrosius released a new video for her latest single, “F–k N Get It Over It,” and in the clip Marsha’s love interest was another woman. With the video being released around the time of National Coming Out Day, some suspected that perhaps Marsha was using her art to make the ultimate statement. Not so says the former Floetry vocalist, though.

Taking to Facebook, she wrote:

Double standards! Any male artist can openly brag about how many groupies he gets! Can u imagine how many men AND women have come on to me??? Listen to my music! I tell it! Always! I am not a lesbian! I am straight! I will never say I haven’t fantasized or had sexually explicit dreams about women before! That would make me liar! I’ve been called a lesbian since I got into the entertainment business! You’re no one till someone calls you gay lol I’m so comfortable with myself, I’m not afraid to tell the story from all perspectives! I’ve done so from the very beginning! Ppl hear what they want to hear! I make you listen to what I feel!

I can understand the frustration given the rumor has followed her for so long, but you know, the timing made the suspicion at the very least, somewhat understandable.

The video in question: