New Kids On The Block Special Announcement

Did President Vladimir Putin tap Boyz II Men help to raise the country’s birth rate by way of singing “I’ll Make Love To You” to a crowd of coupled up Russians? In their Q&A with the Moscow Times, the intro suggests so, only it wouldn’t confirm whether or not Putin really made a formal request. But you know, I guess it’ll help.

Meanwhile, here’s part of their Q&A:

Q: Your popularity was tremendous in the 1990s. What are your recollections of Russia at the time?

A: We have been touring the world for the past 20 years, so at this point it all blurs together a little bit. That said, we feel really fortunate every time we visit Russia. It’s a beautiful country! We love our Russian fans, and we love the beautiful scenery in Moscow!

Q: What is the atmosphere like within the group?

A: We’ve been writing music and performing together for so long that at this point, we’re all basically family. We’re really close, and we always feel comfortable bouncing ideas off of each other. Our families get along really well. They are all so supportive of our careers. We absolutely could not do it without them!

Q: What are the biggest stereotypes and criticisms you’ve had to endure over the years? How did you deal with them?

A: We don’t really like to focus on the negative. We are doing what we love for a living — it doesn’t really get much better than that. We don’t really feel we have anything to complain about. There have been ups and downs for sure, but overall, we feel blessed to still be doing what we love!

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