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The legendary Marla Gibbs recently opened up about the last time she talked to the late Sherman Hemsley in a new interview with

According to the veteran actress, she and Sherman had kept up with each other through the years — still looking for a potential opportunity to work again.

She explained:

“It was about four months before he [Sherman Hemsley] made his transition. We kept up with each other by phone. I called him every few months so and we’d talk and we talked about trying to do another TV show, come up with an idea for one. We never really did. …  I sure miss Sherman every time, but of course one thing about TV, you live on forever ‘cause I can look and see Roxie and Franklin and Sherman and Isabel. I can look at the TV and see all of them just as though they were still here. … Because I know that we never die, our spirits just transcends our body; I talk to them sometimes. I’ll think of Roxie and I’ll just talk to her when I’m driving.”

Read the interview in full here.

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