Brandy In Concert – Oakland, CA

Brandy may have sworn off reality TV, but she is apparently still up for doing it in the name of saving some dollars. The latest rumor about the B-Rocka wedding is that it’ll soon become a made for TV special airing on VH1. The win for Brandy is two-fold: Attention and all expenses paid.

I’m not mad at her for that. That said, where is the next single, girl? It should’ve been “Do You Know What You Have?” followed by “Slower.” Seriously, folks. I need to become the Olivia Pope of R&B

Meanwhile more on the wedding by way of Mouth To Ears:

Sources are claiming that Brandy will be showing it all to VH1 and doing it in style. Why? Because VH1 is footing the bill for her wedding! Isn’t that in grand style. Well at least she is really getting married and not like when she lied about being married on MTV.

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