Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada Wedding

Let the romance and subsequent messy breakup of Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson instill a very important lesson: When a man compares you to a cold slice of pizza, run like hell.

Though in recent months Evelyn was dropping hints as if she and Chad could reunite – clearly intent on positioning themselves as your uncle and auntie’s answer to Rihanna and Chris Brown – I’m assuming that’s all but over know. You know, with the whole Chad has accused Evelyn of being a cheating, materialistic whore thing. On that, it appears that Evelyn has had enough and has reportedly filed a cease and desist against Chad.

More on the “shut up talking about me on Twitter” story below:

Sources close to Evelyn tell us … Chad’s Twitter allegations are 100% false — she NEVER cheated and if he doesn’t stop spreading lies STAT … she’ll get a restraining order.

Not only that, we’re told the prosecutor’s office overseeing Chad’s criminal domestic violence case is aware of the situation and is concerned.  We broke the story … Evelyn filed for divorce after Chad was arrested for allegedly headbutting her just weeks after they got hitched.

Chad is due in court Monday for a hearing on terminating his probation early.  The Tweets are not gonna help his case.

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