Coco’s Birthday Party

The rumor mill keeps trying to break Ice-T and Coco up, but they’re out and about and seemingly in good spirits. Ice-T is a good actor, but he doesn’t strike me as the type to front for the sake of impressing strangers he couldn’t care any less about. Maybe they are genuinely over whatever hump people claimed they had?

Page Six has more on the recent sighting:

Despite rumors of marital trouble, Ice-T played doting husband to wife Coco at her birthday party at Greenhouse Thursday night. The rapper and “Law & Order: SVU” star entertained the beauty and 50 friends with his rap hits, including “New Jack Hustler” from ’80s flick “New Jack City.” Coco received a pink cake, pink cupcakes and bottles of Ciroc Coconut. Coco recently cozied up to rapper AP.9 in some racy photos, but she apologized, and she and Ice-T stayed together.

See that? It says they were cozied up sipping on coconut Ciroc, not cursing each other out and Ice-T telling Coco, “I should’ve married another white woman!” So there.

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