Whew, chile! Things are getting preeeety serious because it’s round four! 

Picking up where we left off with last week’s episode of The One, Ms. Ashley Evans left us wondering who she will move into the mansion. 

And let’s just say that this was a tough choice! Leaving us with a cliffhanger, Ashley decided to bring neither Marcus nor Jason to the mansion. And it left us, AND co-hosts, Kirk and Tammy Franklin shocked! 

“I absolutely know that I made the right decision tonight. I don’t have any time to take bulls**t from no one. I am here to find the one,” Ashley stated. 

Tammy stood proud and commended Ashley for her choice. “I’m so proud of you!” 

Brent chose Jazzy. 

And for the fourth round of our bachelor, and bachelorette’s dates, Ashley switched things up and had a cute pottery date with Shuvar, and Adebiyi. 

Shuvar is a 42-year-old mortgage broker, and Adebiyi is a 39-year-old HR manager. 

While Ashley was getting to know both gentlemen, she wanted to get a better picture of their characters by asking what they like to do for fun. 

Shuvar said that he enjoys sitting at home, smoking a nice cigar with some old school music playing in the background. As for Adebiyi, he likes to read, and loves to exercise. 

And to woo Ashley, Adebiyi shared a song that his father, (who was a science professor) used to sing. “Oh you cannot do science, without chemistry.” We must admit that was a smooth play!

These two got even closer, when they discovered that they had similar upbringing, their fathers battled addictions, and didn’t necessarily treat their mothers the best. Their fathers have both made big changes and turned their lives around. 

As for Brent, he went golfing where he met Stefani, a 41-year-old Senior Procurement Buyer, and Mieka, a 40-year-old Director of Healthy Families. 

Mieka felt as if she would be a better suited match for Brent than Stefani. 

As Brent was getting to know his fourth round of dates, Mieka shared that she lost her mother, eldest sister, and brother. Brent shared that he is also grieving the loss of his grandparents that raised him, and his beloved dogs. 

He shared that he is all about getting proper help if needed, as well as incorporating mediating into his process of grieving. 

To spice up his fourth round of dates, Brent had Stefani and Mieka play a game of golf. The woman that hit the golf ball the furthest secured one-on-one time with him. And our girl Stefani won! 

To end the night, Brent and Ashley held a GROWN and sexy wine tasting nightcap. 

As the conversations were flowing, both Stefani and Mieka shared that they are single mothers that aren’t playing when it comes to finding their special person. So, no distractions will be tolerated. 

You already know we had to check in with our fans on Twitter, here’s what some of y’all had to say last night! 

You know we had to get our girl, April Reign to join last night’s live tweeting!

LaShannon was NOT having it during last week’s episode!

Our girl Melinda was nervous during the latest house dinners after the last week’s fiasco!

Yes, we love a fly power couple!

We love seeing Tammy help Ashley along her journey to find her true love.

We couldn’t agree more!

LaShannon was rooting for Ade, and who can blame her? We can’t wait to see how Ashley’s fifth date goes.

Raro Lae ISN’T for any drama and agreed with Brent.


Kirk’s facial expressions are priceless!


And y’all still are secretly rooting for Ashley and Brent to choose each other!

Do you think Brent and Ashley made the right choice? Let us know below! 

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