Photo by: (Left) Frankie Knuckles by Steve Eichner/Getty Images. (Top Right) Jesse Saunders by Raymond Boyd/Getty Images. (Bottom Right) JM Silk by Paul Natkin/Getty Images. It’s the first day of June, and you know what that means! Happy Pride Month! As we kick off Pride month and Black Music Month, we have to give a specific […]

Madonna stops the break-up letter, sent to her by Tupac, from being auctioned.

It's fine ladies. Put down the knives and back away from the ledge.

Whatever Kanye West is on, we want some. Or maybe we don’t. Either way, we couldn’t keep our jaw off the floor while watching his “Fade” music video that featured Teyana Taylor’s toned cheeks and 80’s era gym equipment. And some shower sex. And some pseudo-beastiality. Damn, Yeezy what are you smoking?!? That doesn’t mean […]

Scroll down your timeline and what will you find? Just Black Twitter, speakin’ their mind! Each week we feature the best tweets about five of the hottest topics on the net, and the best part is, the voices will be blacker than ever. Who knows? Your tweet may just end up in The Best of Black […]

Millions tuned into the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night with one thing on their mind. No, not Justin Beiber.  We heard that Madonna was doing the first televised Prince tribute since his passing. At first we scratched our head on the choice but then we thought: Well, maybe Madonna might surprise us and give us an epic performance […]