The deluxe "Purple Rain" tracklist has allegedly leaked.

Looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer for that "new" Prince EP.

Beyonce, Mary, Dave -- the list of celebs who hung with Prince goes on and on.

Prince may have passed on, but we know he’s still here with us in song, in spirit and perhaps, slight judgment on how you score on this quiz. Chance your luck and see how Prince feels about your score.

Prince fans rejoice! A documentary and more is on it's way!

If you are lucky enough to live in Minneapolis, you might be one of the few with tickets to tour Paisley Park — Prince’s studio which has been temporarily turned into a museum. And by temporary, we mean if you don’t get in TODAY, you may never get in again. Due to some weird re-zoning […]

Prince and Michael Jackson are two legendary artists that are gone way too soon. For those of us who were buying albums (yes, albums) during their reign there was always the dream that the two titans would team up. So far, the only indication of rivalry comes from a hilariously shady interview Prince did with Chris Rock […]

Millions tuned into the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night with one thing on their mind. No, not Justin Beiber.  We heard that Madonna was doing the first televised Prince tribute since his passing. At first we scratched our head on the choice but then we thought: Well, maybe Madonna might surprise us and give us an epic performance […]