1. Tupac Shakur

‘Pac STAYED in trouble with several arrests for assault — including one against The Hughes Brothers who were trying to coax him to join “Menace II Society.” But Tupac found the most trouble for a sexual assault case that led him to serve a little less than a year in prison.

2. Da Brat

The “Rickey Smiley For Real” co-star served three years behind bars after hitting a woman with a rum bottle in an Atlanta club.

3. Rick James

What played out like an episode of “Fatal Attraction,” Rick James and his girlfriend were charged with kidnapping a woman and sexually assaulting her. A charge of torture was dropped but James ended up in prison for two years.

4. Remy Ma

Though she turned herself in and plead not guilty, Remy was charged and ultimately spent six years in prison for attempted murder during a conflict that involved gun fire.

5. Lil Kim

Taking the hood principle of no snitching to it’s logical conclusion, Lil Kim got a year in prison for conspiracy and perjury for not admitting that she knew her manager and bodyguard were involved in a shooting (both who plead guilty).

6. D’Angelo

While we’re overjoyed that this mess is behind him, there was a time after “Voodoo” that it seemed all we would remember D’Angelo for was his run ins with the law which included arrests for marijuana and cocaine possession.

7. Tevin Campbell

Everything seemed to be going well for Tevin and then dude just seemed to disappear in the 90s. Part of the problem was that he was arrested for soliciting an undercover policeman for sex while having some weed on him. Oops.

8. R. Kelly

Do we really need to remind you? Fine. On top of his illegal marriage to Aaliyah who was 15 at the time, Kelly found himself in hotter water when a sex tape allegedly showed him involved in sex acts with another minor. Arrested on 21 counts of child pornography, Kelly was later acquitted of all charges.