Chris Brown Arrested on Assault Suspicion

by jhill1010

August 30, 2016

UPDATE: CNN is reporting the Chris Brown was arrested for suspicion of assault after a woman (allegedly Baylee Curran) called the police while at the singer’s house last Monday night. The singer was released on $250,000 bail.

A woman named Baylee Curran told TMZ that she was just chilling at Chris Brown‘s crib, as she has done in the past, when a discussion over jewelry led to Breezy pulling a gun on her and telling her to get out.

And then, Brown’s people asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which she said she denied.

Curran also noted that she’d hung with him and Justin Beiber in the past and everything was cool.

While no official word has come from his camp, Breezy himself has taken to IG to kinda-sorta defend himself against the stories. And while we can’t post what he said (so much potty mouth), we think it’s best epitomized by one sentence he repeats “C’mon my nigga.”

We’d love to take Brown’s word for it but, you know, history. Who knows, maybe seeing Drake drool all over his ex at the VMAs drove him over the top or maybe Ms. Curran is looking for press.

Either way, stay tuned. We will.

TELL US: Do you believe this woman? Given his documented violence against women, what do you think happened?