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Could love be blossoming between Chrisette Michele and Bobby V?

Be Steadwell is a singer-songwriter and filmmaker thriving in a lane of their own. As a musician, Be is best known for producing a genre of music coined “queer pop”. The Washington, DC native shares their journey from growing up in “Chocolate City” to finding their passion. This Pride month, we shine a light on […]

From one of the largest stages, Karine Jean-Pierre speaks on behalf of President Biden and the U.S. every single day. The White House Press Secretary has one of the most important jobs in Washington. Now, she is sharing her journey of becoming who she is today… unapologetically Black, a woman, and queer. This Pride month, […]

Paul Wharton is a multi-faceted talent and a bright light. The Emmy-nominated TV host/producer, author, and entrepreneur sits down for a special interview to talk his journey of unapologetically walking to the beat of his own drum. This Pride month, our spotlight is on Paul, who is creating a legacy of proving people wrong and […]

Yung Miami and JT are ready to launch their own solo careers. Here's why.

“You’re taking our name on Air Force One…” Eugene Daniels doesn’t hold back while sharing his journey from D1 football to covering the most powerful in Washington. The White House correspondent, POLITICO Playbook Co-Author, and MSNBC Political Analyst reflects on the responsibility of standing on the shoulders of his ancestors. This Pride month, we shine […]

Kash Doll gathered friends and family at the Louis Vuitton store to celebrate baby Klarity with a swanky baby shower, and it was luxurious!

Watching Queen Latifah twerk on stage was not on our 2024 bingo card.

Brittney Sykes… WNBA Guard. 2017 First Round – Top 10 Draft Pick. Washington Mystics star. Proud member and advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community. During this Pride month, we shine a light on the Newark, NJ native and Syracuse University grad and are honored to tell her story.

TV One celebrates freedom & leads with love! Join us this Pride Month, as we shine a light on members of the LGBTQIA+ community & share their compelling stories. 🌈 Our #TVOneRepresentWithPRIDE campaign launches this week featuring: Brittney Sykes, of the Washington Mystics; Eugene Daniels of Politico & MSNBC; Paul Wharton, TV personality & author; […]

The 45-minute podcast offers several nuggets for Bey Hive enthusiasts, fashion lovers, and culture creators.

Not only are both of these women powerhouses who dominate their respective fields, but they look good and take no 'ish while doing it! Cardi and 'Carri are the duo we didn't know we needed but are so glad we have.