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When your favorite artist gets invited to the MTV VMAs, they get to perform their latest single. Beyoncé, on the other hand, gets to perform her latest album. Hey, life isn’t always fair. In fact, when it throws you lemons, just make LEMONADE like Bey did in this 15 minute performance: Hot damn! What an emotional […]

When Zendaya was up for the role as Mary Jane Watson in the next Spider-Man film, haters had a lot to say. The controversy? Over race, of course. According to the original comic, Mary Jane, the best friend and later wife of Spider-Man, is depicted as white, while Zendaya is of mixed heritage. The backlash […]

When Howard Hewett left the group Shalamar, no one could have anticipated his amazing success, and probably neither could he. But sometimes a star just can’t be contained by the group that introduced them to the world any longer. We took a look at nine other artists whose careers took off once they went solo. […]

Photo Credit: Matt Dinerstein We knew sooner or later there would be a film about the first African-American president and First Lady, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Just look at them: What we didn’t expect was for the film to be a romantic love story on how the two met in 1989 before becoming the […]

Emo-alternative R&B singer, Frank Ocean is just like your good friend that disappears for years at a time, and when they finally re-emerge from their (musical) habitat, come bearing gifts. And you forgive them. Every. Single. Time. It’s been 4 years since we last heard from Frank and then out of  the blue he drops 2 albums, Endless and […]

We know you saw Countess’ music video (Youtube comments don’t lie) and no matter what you think of it, it’s clear that she wasn’t the first actor who thought they could expand their brand with a single or an album. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea — sorry Kobe — but we’ll […]

Earlier this year, actor Nate Parker was on top of the world after his Nat Turner pic “The Birth of a Nation” wowed critics and was bought for millions — putting it on track for wide release this fall. And then, news of a 17-year old rape charge emerged on social media and now everyone […]

No need for a tell-all book when you’re The Game, just put your past romances in your latest rap song. In the song “Sauce,” The Game states.. “I used to f*ck b*tches that Usher Raymond passed off / Then I f*cked three Kardashians, hold that thought.” Now, we’re not sure what girl he’s referring to […]

You know us, we’re ALWAYS on the look out for a good movie — especially ones that speak to the truth of #blackgirlpower. And with the Olympics currently giving us life (shout out to Simone and Simone and Michelle), the trailer for “Hidden Figures” was just the cherry on top. Starring Taraji Henson, Octavia Spencer […]

Were we the only ones who got our ENTIRE lives when Monica, our long-standing R&B champ, rapped that her mouth was too slick, and how she would kick down a door to smack ya chick? See! We knew we weren’t the only ones! Recently Black Twitter remembered this great Monica moment with the #SoGoneChallenge hashtag, […]