One Vote

Some say it's time to unite behind Trump. Last night, thousands of #notmypresident protesters said "nah."

Monique Pressley said that older, White women looked past Trump's problematic sexist statements and voted for his problematic racist ones.

The President turns into a therapist for voters who feel like their world just ended.

In a dignified speech before supporters and staff, Hillary says we owe Trump an "open mind and a chance to lead."

Seriously, you need to watch this and then forward it to every Black person you know.

We STILL don't know who won and so we're just holding our breath just like you.

Starting at 7/6c, Roland Martin is bringing you minute-to-minute coverage of Election night -- from every closing poll to every state result.

It's November 8 and we want to know how your Election Day is going. Long lines? ID issues? Share your story with us.

See why he thinks Republicans are using 30 cases of voter fraud over 10 years to push voter suppression.

These celebs want your voice to be heard!

Tomorrow is the end of this long-ass election. We want to know if you pulled the trigger early or waiting for tomorrow.