If you’re not Regina King or Courtney B. Vance, chances are no one’s going to hand you a gold statue for your achievements. They don’t make awards for getting ahead of your bills, or getting through traffic without running that slow-driving douchebag off the road. So what do you do when you’ve hit a personal […]

Life is unexpected, but one thing you can count on is drama. It might come from your mom or your boss, but more often than not it’s coming from the people in your squad. And that cut is deep! Now you can try to have Iyanla save your life, but when you need to figure […]

Welcome to Diva Life Lessons, where we believe anything in life whether it’s funny, tragic or just dramatic can be tied to a moment from our Divas shows. Don’t believe us? Check this out. One of the dreams of marriage is that you’ll be with someone who not only kills spiders for you and knows […]

There were several questions left to be answered after watching Countess Vaughn‘s latest music videos, “Wifey” and “Do You Love Him?” We sat down with Charles West, director and business partner of Lisa Wu, to give us some insight on what actually happened with the music videos and why they were received the way they […]

After all the commotion from the “Wifey” and “Do You Love Him?” music videos, Countess Vaughn has finally broken her silence. To remind those who have said that she should reconsider a career in music, Countess sang this special tune: A video posted by COUNTESS VAUGHN (@countessdvaughn) on Aug 27, 2016 at 3:09pm PDT That’s […]

The internet went nuts when the Countess Vaughn music video for “Do You Love Him?” dropped. Question is: Did you love the video? Here’s what Black Twitter had to say: I think Countess Vaughn’s song is cute. I like the 00’s sound. The video quality & acting needs better work though. Still rooting for her […]

Love Malika’s look, here’s your chance to steal it. Enter now and you may win big money.

No one like being put in the hot seat, especially over tough questions. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to PUT people in the hot seat — so we did. Specifically we gave the Hollywood Divas (and producer Carlos King) 15 seconds to answer questions NO ONE would want to have to answer in […]

Is there already trouble in paradise for former NFL linebacker, Ed Hartwell, and The Cosby Show sweetheart, Keshia Knight Pulliam? According to TMZ and filed divorce papers from Ed, looks like there is. Yikes! Reports are saying that the couple, who secretly wed earlier this year, are heading for divorce a week after Keshia reveals that she is […]