Life is unexpected, but one thing you can count on is drama.

It might come from your mom or your boss, but more often than not it’s coming from the people in your squad. And that cut is deep! Now you can try to have Iyanla save your life, but when you need to figure out how to deal with intra-squad drama, we say take a look at Countess Vaughn in this clip from season 2 of “Hollywood Divas.”

A lot has been made about Countess “playing the victim” (she did leave the Season 3 reunion stage in tears), but can we give the girl some props for putting on her big girl pants and addressing the drama HEAD ON?!? Most folks we know (self-included) would be too scared to make waves and hem and haw. Not Countess. She was like “You told Harpo to beat me!” and Golden had no choice but to try and recalibrate.

Diva Life Lesson: When your friends get messy, it’s on you to bring the mop.

TELL US: When your friends started whispering behind your back, how did you handle it?

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