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One of the dreams of marriage is that you’ll be with someone who not only kills spiders for you and knows better than to buy Neapolitan ice cream (since you’re never gonna eat the strawberry slice), but that you truly and deeply understand. However, there are moments in a marriage — or any long-term relationship — when he says something and suddenly you’re checking your ID to make sure you haven’t lost your mind because you know you’d never be with someone who’d say something that crazy.

Case in point: Watch Paula’s face in the last 10 seconds of this clip from season two of Hollywood Divas when Forrest explains what kind of wife he’s expecting her to be. We’ll talk after the clip.


Is it us, or did Paula just realize that her husband kinda-sorta-definitely asked her to be an accomplice in an assault? But the real question is: Was this the first time he came out his mouth with something like this and if not, why didn’t she check him then?

But Paula’s not alone. We’ve all gotten with someone a little rough around the edges hoping our love will smooth them out. Yeah, how’d that work out for you?

Diva Life Lesson: If you buy a Honda, don’t expect it to turn into a BMW.

TELL US: Have you tried to love someone out of being crazy? Did it work?