After a four year hiatus, Nate Parker is making his return to the big screen in American Skin. The film follows Parker’s 2016 film Birth of a Nation

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The actor and director announced the news on his Instagram page, saying, “The wait is over. The trailer is here. Time to change the narrative. Sending much love to all who made this film possible and even more love to my supporters, fans, and allies. I pray this film has an impact for us, our children, and their children. Justice is finally on trial.”


American Skin premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2019, and the film is scheduled to be released on January 15, 2021, on Martin Luther King Day.

L-R: Director Nate Parker, Spike Lee, and Theo Rossi (Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

The movie follows Lincoln’ Linc’ Jefferson, a U.S. Marine veteran who works as a janitor at a prestigious junior high school. He attempts to mend his relationship with his son after a divorce. One night, during a routine police traffic stop, his son is shot and killed in front of Jefferson. After the officer is cleared of wrongdoing without facing trial, Jefferson takes matters into his own hands in a series of events he hopes will finally lead to justice for his son.

Per Deadline, Parker said of the film: “In 2014, following the death of Michael Brown, I traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to stand against the overt domestic terrorism I saw spreading like a virus throughout our country. My hope was both to amplify calls for justice while seeking a better understanding of the tensions between law enforcement and men and women of color…This trip and subsequent killings developed in me a fire that manifested itself into the makings of this film American Skin.”

Parker continued: “As an American citizen, father, brother, son, and artist, I felt compelled to use my platform as a filmmaker to respond to this crisis in a way that could not only promote social equity but initiate a global culture shift that can result in the preservation of lives. If saving one life is the only thing the film achieves, it will have served its core purpose.”

Written and directed by Parker, the actor will also star in the film alongside Omari Hardwick, Larry Sullivan, Theo Rossi, Shane Paul McGhie, Miluana Jackson, and Beau Knapp. The film is presented by Spike Lee and is Parker’s second feature film.

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