We live in a world where many have grown weary of the typical slave movie.

Seeing enslaved Blacks subject to degradation, humiliation, and mutilation—doesn’t necessarily leave people of color feeling the most empowered after watching (and let’s not forget to mention that it’s a definite mood killer for those of us who frequent the theater on romantic dates?).

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Although the answer to this weariness comes in the form of another slave movie, this one celebrates the brave men and women who take a stand against one of history’s cruelest and most inhumane moments. You could even consider them the very first activists.

Nate Parker‘s directorial debut, The Birth of  A Nation, follows the story of Nat Turner, an enslaved African American who leads a major slave rebellion of slaves and free Blacks in Southampton County, VA in 1831— also known as a lesson that was quickly skimmed over (if mentioned at all) in History class.

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Take a gander at the movie trailer below:

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