Earlier this year, actor Nate Parker was on top of the world after his Nat Turner pic “The Birth of a Nation” wowed critics and was bought for millions — putting it on track for wide release this fall.

And then, news of a 17-year old rape charge emerged on social media and now everyone is trying to figure out how one of life’s hardest questions: can you support art without supporting the artist?

To be fair, Parker was acquitted of the charge (his Penn State roommate Jean Celestin was found guilty) and has since openly addressed the controversy in a Facebook post in which the actor said “While I maintain my innocence that the encounter was unambiguously consensual, there are things more important than the law. There is morality; no one who calls himself a man of faith should even be in that situation.”

It should also be noted that the alleged victim of the crime, after Celestin won an appeal in 2012, killed herself.

So what do we do with this? Roland and his crew go at it and we just couldn’t cut it short so here’s a nice full segment you should share with your friends.

TELL US: Even if a celebrity is found not guilty of a horrendous crime, do you feel comfortable supporting their projects?