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DMX is doing everything he possibly can to avoid going to prison. The rapper previously plead guilty to tax fraud after attempting to dodge the $1.7 million he owes in back taxes, and was sent to jail in January of this year for failing a drug test. In 2017, he addressed his tax fraud allegations to a crowd at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival saying he’s no role model. The 47-year-old could face up to five years in prison.

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Now, Desiree Lindstrom and Tashera Simmons are stepping in and attempting to sway the judges to shorten his prison sentence. According to The Jasmine BRAND, his ex-wife, Simmons, reportedly wrote an extensive letter petitioning for judges to consider that the father of fifteen is needed by his children. The letter allegedly obtained by the media outlet reads, “The kind of help he needs he’s not going to get behind bars…He has so much to offer his children, family, and world.”

Also fighting on behalf of the “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” rapper is Lindstrom, the mother of his youngest child, who reportedly wrote a detailed letter to the judges. An excerpt of the letter reads, “Through the years behind closed doors, I have stood by a man that is mentally fragile, suffers from insomnia, traumatic memories, shame, depression and years of what I call street education.”

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Last year was rough for the New York rapper who spent time on house arrest, and then checked himself into rehab. We hope that the heartfelt efforts from the recording artist’s supporters will work in his favor. The sentencing is set for March 29.

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