BET Hip Hop Awards 2010 – Arrivals

(Originally published on 07.10.2012)

There’s a rumor going around about the purported “real” reason that Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. got into a scuffle on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

As the riddle goes via Diary of a Hollywood Street King:

     “Everybody thinks Stevie J and Scrappy’s beef is about Erica, but it’s not. Scrappy is really mad because Stevie J is with Joseline. That’s why Scrappy is moving out on his own, he doesn’t want Erica.

     When Scrappy and Stevie got into it and started pushing each other, Joseline jumped in the middle. Erica said ‘Who’s this hoe?’ At that time, Erica had never met Joseline before. Back when the cast had their party, Erica wasn’t there. So, when Joseline told Erica ‘Your man wants me, he’s been trying to get with me” the beef between Joseline and Erica began.

     Stevie J and Scrappy broke it up before things really popped off. Scrappy and Stevie began pushing each other. Joseline jumped in and was knocked to the floor. That’s when security intervened, and Stevie J caught a beat down.

     Scrappy is pissed because he knows he f*cked up his chance to bump Joseline away from Stevie J. That’s why Scrappy punched the sheet metal fence.”

If you believe this, I bet I could convince you of the following:

1. Nicki Minaj is the love child of Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop.

2. Lil’ Wayne is infertile.

3. Rick Ross is wearing a fat suit.

4. Mariah Carey has a ghost singer.

5. Beyoncé is an alien.

Do you catch my drift?

— Michael Arceneaux

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