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It appears that Evelyn Lozada’s daughter isn’t that different from mommy as far as turning up the drama goes.

The two had words on a recent edition of the show -- words that now may prompt legal action aimed at my Toy-Toy.

Keyshia Cole seems hell bent on taking shots at every single member of Destiny’s Child. First it was Michelle Williams and now the Queen Bey.

The former queen of rap and reigning champ of delusion, Lil’ Kim, called into DJ Whoo Kid’s “Whoolywood Shuffle” radio show on Shade 45 to talk about her old adversary Faith Evans and her new homegirl, Miley Cyrus

Ciara maintains that she thought things were cool between the two following their Twitter tit-for-tat a good while back.

The singer recently announced that she is partnering with Entertainment One for a new show called My Sister’s Keeper.

An idiot upset over Rihanna going back to Chris Brown screamed at her and proceeded to throw a bottle at her. And what exactly was that supposed to teach her? I’ll wait.

A group called Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project is none too pleased with Oprah Winfrey over why she has endorsed an anti-wrinkle cream made with human foreskins.

Their friendship has been strained because Katy doesn’t approve of Rihanna rekindling a romance with one of the most hot headed men in music.

Speaking with Tim Westwood, Trey reflects on the beef -- saying he was simply being a fan, only his opinion was elevated given his celebrity.

Although there were reports that Frank was considering pressing charges against Chris Brown, he said he was going to pursue “peace” instead. Ocean wrote the following on his Tumblr page over the weekend.

Yes, according to TMZ, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had an altercation last night in the parking lot of a recording studio – over a parking spot.