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The National Enquirer has posted some pretty low things, but to say that Janet Jackson still suffers from baby of the family syndrome warrants a karate chop to the throat. That is metaphorically. No violence and all that.

Anyway, the tabloid claims that the “real” reason that Janet Jackson and Paris Jackson are beefing is that Auntie Janet can’t take her niece’s rising star.

They claim:

While the Jackson family wages an ugly public war, a behind-the-scenes feud is raging between Janet Jackson and her 14-year-old niece Paris!

"Janet is convinced Paris is out to steal her thunder,

and she’s become intensely jealous of her," a family insider told the Enquirer.

"Everybody thinks Janet is so meek and mild because she talks in almost a whisper during interviews. But the ‘real’ Janet is ruthless and an in-your-face type who doesn’t take any crap, especially from some head strong teen!

"Janet’s biggest gig lately has been the Nutrisystem endorsement," noted the source. "She’s frustrated that she’s not a hot commodity anymore, and she feels Paris has taken her spot as the new Jackson princess."

I doubt this. Paris Jackson didn’t invent the butterfly, therefore Janet Jackson is still a goddess among millions. Meanwhile, in actual Janet Jackson news, the pop star has been rehearsing. For what? Not sure, but maybe she is finally ready to step back on stage. If Cher can keep going well into AARP age, no reason why Damita Jo can’t throw on some more leather and give it a twirl on stage.