Jermaine Dupri recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his pioneering record label, So So Def, but in an interview with Black Enterprise, explains how arrogance cost him success.

Her royal highness, Beyoncé, has caused a stir with her tantalizing new cover of GQ magazine. Now that the publication has bumped up more stills from the shoot, plus the cover story.

Mariah Carey denies any charges that he made her career. Mottola has a different point of view on that point, which he expounded on in a new memoir.

According to Us Weekly, baby Blue has a million dollar nursery. Yes, I feel super duper poorer now.

After Frank Ocean posted a picture of himself inside of a cop car and captioned it “worst trip ever,” rumors quickly spread that he was arrested for receiving fellatio – presumably by his still only rumored boyfriend, model Willy Cartier.

The former premier of Turks and Caicos and LisaRaye’s ex-husband, Michael Misick, has reportedly been arrested in Brazil on an international warrant.

As soon as I saw NeNe Leakes sitting in a tub of diamonds on the cover of EBONY magazine, I figured some of your kin would be upset about the cover. Speaking with The Daily Beast, NeNe popped back at the criticism.

Car repossession may not have been on the menu of the Atlanta eatery NeNe Leakes was dining at over the weekend — but sources say that’s exactly what one luxury car-maker was sure to serve the Atlanta housewife!

After getting into a fight with Halle’s fiance, Gabriel Martinez, on Thanksgiving, Gabriel Aubry, might be losing this latest legal challenge. It appears that Halle is now seeking a restraining order against Aubry.

Andrea Pearson has filed legal docs in Miami claiming that Chad has been consistently late on paying bills and currently owes more than 5k in child support.

Tracee Ellis Ross had to learn how to fit into the business and one of the biggest hurdles was learning to appreciate the donk.

When your dad is Denzel and you want to get into acting, don't expect him to coddle you.