Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing

On Friday, a judge ruled in Usher’s favor and granted primary custody of his two children with Tameka Raymond to him.


Of course, considering Tameka Raymond recently lost a son at the age of 11 to a tragic accident you can imagine what an incredible blow this must be to her. However, sources close to Usher’s ex-wife says that Tameka believes the ruling is unfair and has only recently learned of a connection between the presiding judge and Usher’s attorney.


TMZ reports:


But sources close to Tameka tell TMZ, she feels the ruling was unfair. We’re told Tameka recently found out that Usher’s lawyer’s law firm threw an election fundraiser back in 2008 for the judge who presided over the trial … and she feels that connection may have influenced the ruling. 

According to the campaign contribution report for Judge Lane, the law firm that represented Usher raised $1,278 for Lane in March 2008.

Sources tell us … Tameka is baffled by the decision because she argued in court that Usher is constantly on the road, where as she has the more stable schedule … thus it makes no sense to give him primary custody. 

We’re told Tameka wants to fight the decision ASAP and is interviewing lawyers for an appeal. 


We reached out to the judge for comment, but so far no word back.

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