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You violate several women's rights and you come for Auntie Maxine. Not today! Black Twitter won't stand for this.

So one of Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-mistresses wants to involve Kobe Bryant in a suit she’s filed against O’Neal.

Speaking with Hip Hollywood, Kandi says that a suit was the only way to get the song removed for good -- so that both parties can really put the ordeal behind them.

Kandi Burruss is finally taking Kim Zolciak to court to get what she’s owed. The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know that it was Burruss who wrote Kim’s novelty hit, “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.”

Jesseca White claims in her lawsuit ... Ne-Yo went on VH1 and painted her as "an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child .

Lil’ Kim has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a lawyer and business she alleges of tricking her into signing a series of bad licensing agreements.

Michael Jordan is being sued for paternity and child support, and apparently, it’s not the mother who was interested in this suit, but Jordan’s alleged son. According to sources close to the woman-suing, her son simply wants acknowledgment after all these years of being a big secret.

Officers in Dublin, which is east of Oakland, tell CNN that Hammer was in a vehicle with expired registration and he was not the registered owner. Meanwhile, Hammer says he was racially profiled.

Mary J. Blige may be deeming speculation about her financial state as “negativity,” but it’s not stopping.

While on his way out of the Milano Market on the Upper East Side on Friday he was stopped by a deli employee and accused of swiping an item from the shelf.

As Chris Brown and Drake continue to handle the legal wrangling involved with their NYC club altercation last year, Chris is rumored to be doing what he can to avoid any future potential legal trouble involving Aubrey Graham and him bottle tossing in VIP.

More bad news for Allen Iverson -- not only is he a terrible parent -- but his ex-attorney says he's a terrible client ... claiming the ex-NBA star needs to pony up $60,000 in legal fees STAT. Jonathan Levine filed a lien against Iverson in GA court, claiming A.I. racked up a $61,098.86 legal bill during his nasty divorce battle -- which was just settled in January -- but has yet to pay it off.