So we had a crazy idea.

We decided to take a millennial born around the time Miki Howard‘s music first debuted (in 1989) to review 5 of her popular hits.

Can you believe they never heard Miki Howard’s music before? Cash in on their two cents below:

1. “COME SHARE MY LOVE” (1986)

MILLENNIAL REVIEW: Ok, where did this explosive voice come from and how in the heck did I not hear this song earlier? As her first single ever, I must say, this is a great introduction to Miki Howard. I’m intrigued to hear more.

2. “BABY, BE MINE (1987)

MILLENNIAL REVIEW: Once again the vocals are solid, which is more impressive since, you know, only basic studio technology existed back then. This is definitely the era where “beggin’ and pleadin'” type of R&B songs were acceptable. These days we’re way too cool to admit that we’re in love with someone–at least in music. Can you say, to the left, to the left?


MILLENNIAL REVIEW: Yes, Miki! Finally you gave me something I can bop my head to! I could only imagine if this song came on in a house party. (Let me guess, the cabbage patch or running man was the hottest move at the time?) I  really like this change in tempo, perhaps being born in 1989 wasn’t the only great thing that happened that year. I can see how this song made it to #1 on the R&B charts.


MILLENNIAL REVIEW:So we’re back to the sexy sax, and powerful vocals? I’m not mad! Speaking of saxaphones, is that Taye Diggs playing the instrument in the video? The chorus for this record is extremely powerful and I can definitely hear elements of Miki’s gospel roots on this one.


MILLENNIAL REVIEW: I’m noticing that Miki uses more of her lower registry here. Although I prefer a belting Miki Howard, this record has a nice laid-back feel to it. You can hear the decade transition too, since this record is seeping with early 90’s R&B tenderness.

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