Aside from her incredible voice and hit songs, the one thing we all love about Chaka Khan is that she always keeps it 100. We don’t know about you, but we clutched the pearls a bit while when we saw Chaka Khan (played by her daughter) offering Miki Howard drugs in Love Under New Management. […]

We snapped a few pics of the Love Under New Management cast and crew in all their lovely splendor while they were doing some press in New York earlier this week. Don’t they look fabulous?

So we had a crazy idea. We decided to take a millennial born around the time Miki Howard‘s music first debuted (in 1989) to review 5 of her popular hits. Can you believe they never heard Miki Howard’s music before? Cash in on their two cents below: 1. “COME SHARE MY LOVE” (1986) MILLENNIAL REVIEW: […]