This is “The Breakdown” where we look at some of the biggest moments in our lives (and by “our lives,” we mean stuff that was happening on TV) and get at the heart of what makes these scenes and characters so unforgettable with five thoughts.

It’s probably the biggest moment in “A Different World’s” history — “Save the Best For Last Pt. 2” or as you know it — “The Wedding Episode” (which is playing above if you hadn’t noticed). Now, on to our breakdown…

1. Whether it was Dwayne’s “Baby, please — PLEASE!,” Whitley’s dramatic close-up or Byron’s soul-crushing stare of defeat — these three actors deserved a group Emmy for “Best Ensemble in a Scene That Gives You Goosebumps and a ‘Glory’ tear.”

2. OK, who was in the audience during this scene — Teddy “Petty-Grass” and “Petty” Labelle? There’s no good reason why we should be cheering while seeing Whitley waste Joe’s time by dissing him at the altar in front of his ENTIRE family. Still, we get it.

3. While we are all IN for Dwayne coming for his woman — WE WISH A BROTHER WOULD show up to a wedding, or any other event with other live human beings, wearing a tangerine suit. We remember the 90s and tangerine suits were never the jam — just saying.

4. Poor Byron. Naturally, when we first saw this, we were rooting for Dwayne to win but DAMN, now we have the feels for Byron — a dude who was about to become a powerful force in D.C. and . . .  OH SNAP! Is this the origin episode of Papa Pope?!

5. Talk about relationship goals! Yes, you may have had to ruin one man’s self-esteem for the next 40 years, but knowing you have a partner that would disrupt a wedding or ditch their fiance for you is gangsta in the best possible way.

That’s our take but maybe we missed something. Leave a comment below or hit us up @tvonetv and tell us why YOU love this scene or give us your suggestion for the next breakdown.

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