The Breakdown: Tupac Steals Our Hearts on “A Different World”

by jhill1010

September 25, 2018

This is “The Breakdown” where we look at some of the biggest moments in our lives (and by “our lives,” we mean stuff that was happening on TV) and get at the heart of what makes these scenes and characters so unforgettable with five thoughts.

Today, we remember what may have been our favorite version of Tupac — when he was a #gueststar on “A Different World” as Lena’s thug-ass ex — Piccolo.


1. Let’s be clear, in 1993 we were ALL Lena when it came to Tupac. Sure, there was Denzel and Shemar Moore but all eyez were on Tupac (? see what we did there?). There we were, trying to get our life straight and here comes Tupac with his “I’m a big-eyed Teddy Bear/I’ma F*** this place up at any moment!” duality that had us questioning our relationship goals. #whywearesingle

2. No disrespect to Will Smith but . . . are we the only ones peeping the legit chemistry between Jada and Pac. Yes, we know they were childhood friends in real life but you can FEEL their relationship through the screen. You get the feeling this wasn’t the first time they held each other like that on the dance floor, right?

3. “Remember the Humpty?” Tupac think he slick saying their first dance was to a song that just happens to be by his old group Digital Underground.

4. Speaking of music, we are loving that generic version of After 7’s “Ready or Not” playing in the background while Pac and Jada are slow dancing. We also love the extras, especially the light-skinned brother with the high-top fade who seems to have forgotten he’s on a show and is legit macking on his co-star.

5. No disrespect to Dorian but . . . Is it wrong that we want Lena to be like “OK, you win!” and run away with Piccolo? Sure, he’s treating her school career like an after thought and yes, he’s quick to call her “bougie” but dammit, he’s trying to get his act together and he IS wearing that tie-top skull cap thing, so dammit — let’s go baby! Bye Dorian!

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