Reintroducting Heartthrob Brent Underwood | The One


You may have seen this heartthrob on other dating shows, but you haven’t seen him in this light! He is now, finally, ready for The One! 

We are approximately a week away from the season premiere of TV One’s brand-new dating series The One, giving us the perfect opportunity to reintroduce one of our super singles, Brent Underwood! 

The 43-year-old former playboy was born in North Carolina but raised by his mother and grandparents in Atlanta. 

Despite the fact that they are continuously in touch, Brent expressed that his father was never a constant in his life.  

However, Brent’s grandparents actively participated in his upbringing, and their more than 70-year marriage still inspires him now. Within the last two years, he lost them both. 


 After earning his undergraduate degree in Charlotte, Brent quickly got married. The couple was married for barely four years because they were so young. Since his divorce, Brent has been hesitant to let himself commit to one woman. 

Now a successful businessman, Brent is now planning for the future. He wants to start a family and have three kids—two boys and a young girl. He now believes he has the maturity to have a happy marriage and relationship. He’s ready for real this time, y’all! 


Brent wants to have open lines of communication and wants the women he meets to be truthful and forthcoming about their relationship with him. Women who have more than one child, who are narcissistic and disrespectful are off limits to Brent. He takes his health and fitness seriously and seeks a partner who shares his interest. He wants a lady who believes in God; however, he is not a practicing Christian and would prefer a spouse who isn’t super religious. 

Brent has found Atlanta’s bachelor scene to be a delightful escape, and he has no trouble getting dates or getting into relationships. Even while he wants a more peaceful life, he understands that settling down with just one woman may offer some difficulties for him. 

So, is he really prepared to turn in his player card, and cape? 

Watch the lovely hosts, Kirk and Tammy Franklin guide and hold Brent and Ashley accountable as they search for their next partner during the season premiere of The One, Thursday, May 18th at 9P/8C! 

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