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TV One’s latest original film, Under the Influence had fans hanging off the edge of their couches during its premiere last night!

As fans got a front-row view of how our beloved main protagonist Danae Herndon’s (played by the amazing Denyce Lawton) wild journey following her controlling husband Robert’s (played by Jared Wofford) ultimatum to get help to regain sobriety.

After falling ill, due to her drinking, Danae meets Seth (played by BJ Britt) who is charming and is also a recovering alcoholic, who refers her to the same program that helped him.

Trusting Seth, Danae agrees to attend an AA meeting where it’s hard for her to open up about her addiction.

Seth decides to help Danae to open up and share her story about her addiction over dinner and a night of drinking, where the tension between them builds!

After helping Danae recover from her uncontrollable drinking, Seth makes his move and here fans see his predatorial ways.

And from there, Danae is entrapped in Seth’s 13th step, the act of an older, and more experienced member becomes a sponsor to newer members in order to prey and take advantage of newer members through the act of pursuing a romantic based relationship with them!

After witnessing Danae be 13th stepped, fans took to social media to share their thoughts.

Take a look at some fan reactions, shall we!

Fans shown their excitement, minutes away from Under the Influence’s premiere!


We agree with Wynton! We ALL love us a gorgeous, and smart Black woman!



This fan was in awe with the beautiful Denyce Lawton’s beauty when asked their thoughts on Danae’ and Robert’s marriage!

Fans were not feeling Robert… and it shows.

As the film progressed, this fan took the words right out of our mouth! Because we can’t lie, he WAS tripping!

Seth showed his TRUE colors as we got further into the film. And man, was he CRAZY!!!!

Whew chile…

Now where was this love at in the beginning of the movie, Robert?? Nonetheless, we love to see it!

After learning that Danae’s entanglement might not be completely over (seeing that the necklace makes its return), fans shared their thoughts on Under the Influence!


Did you watch Under the Influence? What were your thoughts, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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