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There are usually 12 steps to complete but beware of the dangers of the 13th step!

As we approach the premiere of TV One’s original film, Under the Influence we want to explore the most dangerous step within any form of recovery, the 13th.

According to, the 13th step in any AA (Alcohol Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) recovery program is when an older, and more experienced member becomes a sponsor to newer members in order to prey and take advantage of newer members through the act of pursuing a romantic based relationship with them.

Although it isn’t uncommon for members to date, and even get married, new members are advised not to date within the first year of their journey to recovery, as the traps of the 13th step can be detrimental.

Those that fall victim into the 13th step are usually in their most vulnerable state, and such traps can cause them to derail from their road of recovery.

The major objective of maintaining sobriety in the early stages of recovery is distracted by new romantic connections.

Photo by: TV One

People sometimes believe that when a relationship fails, it excuses relapsing. It might be a betrayal of trust that turns off potential prospective members.

Overall, the act of 13th Stepping can harm the fellowship of 12-Step groups as a whole as well as the reputation, objectives, and purposes of particular groups.

Throughout Under the Influence, we see the aggressive, and covert progression of Danae Herndon (played by Denyce Lawton) being preyed upon and 13th stepped after meeting Seth Blackman (played by BJ Britt), who has recruited her to join the same recovery program that helped him obtain sobriety.

After getting close to Seth over a period of time, Danae must find a way to escape Seth and the 13th step!

If you want to see how Danae escapes the 13th step, watch the premiere of Under the Influence on Sunday, February 5th at 7P/6C!

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