The Rickey Smiley Show S01 E03 | The Dating Game

After being told she is too young to go out on a date, De’anna decides to sneak to the movies with a guy anyway. She plans an elaborate scheme, soliciting the help of Brandon and Aaron, only to find she is trapped in the same movie theater as Rickey who is on a date of his own. She is busted! They all have to have a serious discussion about trust Rickey scores a date with a woman whom he’s been trying to get close to for a while. The problem is everybody has plans Saturday night, including Aunt Sylvia and no one will be home to babysit Aaron. Rickey convinces Tiffany to watch Aaron. It doesn’t take long to realize Tiffany doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. She’s an only child and never had to deal with nieces and nephews. Aaron goes into full mack mode. He changes clothes, offers to feed her, ask what she’s looking for in a man. When Tiffany says she’d date a younger man if he was mature, Aaron thinks he has a shot. Tiffany is forced to learn to not be so business-like. She is also forced to show her tender side by letting Aaron down easy, but he may not take no for an answer.