Many celebrities tend to show up and show out when it comes to weight loss. They seem to get rid of weight faster than anyone else. The latest case —Gabourey Sidibe— posted an Instagram picture of her in a Biggie Smalls shirt and ALL the comments pointed to her looking so much slimmer. I mean […]

We knew that Sunday night’s explosive reunion special for The Next :15 would garner a lot of opinions (due to all the drama, consciousness, and fact-checking) but DAMN, you all really went in! Do some of your parents know that you speak like this on the internet? Here are 15 of the most “outta pocket” […]

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who had the best clapback of them all? As we’ve already witnessed, the ladies of The Next :15 cast aren’t afraid to tell you about yourself, but who will reign as Clapback Queen? We’re having a tough time choosing, will you help us decide? The decision will be based on […]

Tiffany Pollard aka New York and that damn “inner cry” from episode three solidified its spot as the most popular and explosive 15 second moment in the history of The Next : 15. But what if we took it a step further? Surely with our creative and often petty minds, we can make this explosive […]

Tweets on #TheNext15  sure can get crafty! You all wasted no time expressing your reactions to the craziness on episode six of The Next :15 with the funniest gifs and clips, and for that we thank you! Here are the best tweets with a gif/clip combination on the #TheNext15. 1. How I feel about Jennifer #TheNext15 […]

Who’s your favorite The Next :15 cast member? Is it the sassy Tiffany Pollard, the ultra-glamorous Laura Govan, or the calculated Claudia Jordan? If you have burning questions for any cast member of The Next :15, now is your chance to get the scoop from the source! What do you need to do? Starting today, […]