The Next :15

{“description”:””The Next :15″ follows the lives of six reality stars long after their groundbreaking television debuts have come and gone- -as well as the producers who make it all happen behind the scenes.”,”menu”:[],”template”:”default”,”related-galleries-title”:”Latest Galleries”,”tvone-show-time”:””,”show-index”:”0″,”secondary-image”:”26884″,”vertical-image”:”26884″,”dl-carousel-playlist-id-title”:””,”dl-carousel-playlist-id”:””,”mpx-feed-url”:””,”list-carousel-config”:{“custom_classname”:””,”item_titles-1″:””,”item_categories-1″:””,”item_tags-1″:””,”item_titles-2″:””,”item_categories-2″:””,”item_tags-2″:””,”item_titles-3″:””,”item_categories-3″:””,”item_tags-3″:””,”item_titles-4″:””,”item_categories-4″:””,”item_tags-4″:””,”item_titles-5″:””,”item_categories-5″:””,”item_tags-5″:””,”item_titles-6″:””,”item_categories-6″:””,”item_tags-6″:””},”image-config”:{“title”:””,”imageID”:””,”link”:””,”description”:””},”soapbox-config”:{“zone_id”:”0″,”show_1″:”0″,”show_2″:”0″,”show_3″:”0″,”show_4″:”0″},”topics-config”:{“tab_1_title”:””,”tab_1_zone”:”0″,”tab_2_title”:””,”tab_2_zone”:”0″,”tab_3_title”:””,”tab_3_zone”:”0″,”tab_4_title”:””,”tab_4_zone”:”0″,”tab_5_title”:””,”tab_5_zone”:”0″}}

New York tries to find balance. Jennifer defends “No Bricks.” Karamo and Claudia are asked about their behavior as the talk show producers.

The cast brainstorms ideas for Claudia’s talk show. Jennifer tells Al of her singing aspiration. Claudia and New York nearly come to blows.

Carlos confronts New York. Laura and Jennifer raise concerns about the talk show. Claudia throws a party and battles it out with New York.

Laura and Jennifer talk about dating. Benzino talks about his acceptance of the gay community. Claudia and Jennifer hash out their differences.

Laura and New York go to anger management. Jennifer, Benzino and Bobby Valentino studio session. Claudia and Jennifer have a heated exchange.

Claudia pitches a talk show concept to Carlos King. The cast meets at a focus group. New York is revealed as the final cast member.

Benzino and Claudia can't see eye to eye. New York will not work on the talk show. The feud between Claudia and Benzino escalates.

Jennifer argues with Claudia. New York and Aktion reconnects. Laura forces Jennifer and Claudia to make amends.

Claudia confronts Jennifer. Laura quits the talk show. Carlos throws the cast and crew a wrap party. Benzino makes a surprise announcement.

Claudia is allowed fire at a whim. Jennifer responds with an incriminating video. Laura faces eviction and Jennifer receives bad news.

Reality TV's most outrageous star is celebrating a birthday today!