Tiffany Pollard aka New York and that damn “inner cry” from episode three solidified its spot as the most popular and explosive 15 second moment in the history of The Next : 15.

But what if we took it a step further? Surely with our creative and often petty minds, we can make this explosive moment even more, dare we say…lit? (Hey, the younger folks are using it, why can’t we?)

Here are 15 things we WISH would have happened in this epic moment, and be sure to tune into The Next :15 season finale this Wednesday at 9/8C!

1. Laura Govan has an impromptu outfit change.

2. Karamo Brown after laughing so hard, trips on a random banana peel bringing the attention back to him.

3. Jennifer Williams cues her song “No Bricks”, so we can judge er…hear it in it’s entirety.

4. Benzino undoes one more button, making his neck even more visible.

5. Claudia Jordan actually gives New York the Executive Producer title as a reward for such an outstanding performance.

6. Carlos King and producers run on set, dying in laughter.

7. New York sheds one actual tear (after “inner-crying,” of course).

8. One Last Cry by Brian MckNight is cued for New York’s actual cry, for an extra dramatic touch.

9.  New York teaches the entire cast how to “inner cry”.

10. New York’s goons trash the parking lot party, for no reason at all.

11. New York trademarks the “inner cry” immediately and brings an attorney on set.

12. New York creates an “inner cry” dance, and trademarks that too.

13. It starts to rain.

14. The entire cast does their best “inner cry” and the winner gets to wear Claudia’s crown.

15. Producers call New York to tell her that she has a guest role on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Her improv skills are on point!