We all remember several hits that Babyface penned solo or with L.A. Reid, but do you remember him working with these famous singers?

1. Lil Wayne

Yeah, this is a collaboration we didn’t remember, but Babyface was featured on Lil Wayne’s single, “Comfortable,” which was produced by Kanye West.

2. En Vogue

Dawn Robinson had left the group, but En Vogue soldiered on with “EV3,” which included “Whatever,” written by Babyface.

3. Mariah Carey

We’re were shocked to find out that Mariah Carey took a backseat to Babyface by singing the background vocals for his song, “Every Time I Close My Eyes.” Who knew?!

4. Anthony Hamilton

Who knew?! We didn’t, but in 2011, Babyface co-produced three tracks — “Woo,” “Pray for Me” and “Mad” — on Anthony Hamilton’s album called “Back to Love.”

5. Ariana Grande

On Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly” album, released in 2013, Babyface co-produced five songs, including “Baby I,” “Tattooed Heart” and “Lovin’ It.”

6. The Whispers

Ok, we were feeling a little nostalgic and had to include the R&B group, The Whispers. Who could forget their 1987 Babyface-penned hit, “Rock Steady?” Yep, and we’re still “steady rockin’ all night long.”

7. Madonna

We know you probably remember, but Babyface produced and sung with Madonna on the mid-tempo ballad “Take a Bow,” featured on her 1994 album “Bedtime Stories.”

8. Kristinia DeBarge

Introduced to Babyface at 14 years old, Kristinia DeBarge, James DeBarge’s daughter, was lucky enough to get Babyface to co-produce three singles for her debut album “Exposed.”

9. Eric Clapton

“Change the World” scored Eric Clapton and Babyface a combined total of eight Grammys at the 39th annual ceremony in 1997.

10. Sheena Easton

What an unlikely pair! Babyface wrote and co-produced five tracks on Sheena Easton’s “The Lover in Me” album in 1988. The single of the same name also became #1 hit.

11. Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Patti LaBelle remade the #1 hit, “Superwoman,” sung by Karyn White and produced by Babyface. He also produced “I Don’t Want to Know” on Knight’s “Just For You” album in 1994.

12. Celine Dion

Along with David Foster and Linda Thompson, Babyface produced “The Power of the Dream” for Celine Dion. She performed it at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

13. Paula Abdul

Remember Paula Abdul’s hit, “Knocked Out?” Yep, Face produced that, too.