Quinn and Vince must establish that a young man discovered dead in South Carolina was actually killed in Atlanta.

After hours of searching for clues, Detective Quinn and Velazquez find the "murder man's" second victim. Now they must stop Murder Man!

To find Barney Simms' murderer, Quinn and Velazquez must talk to the young man that was last seen with Simms before his murder.

After the main investigator is reassigned, Quinn and Vince take over a case involving a man who was discovered shot to death inside of a car.

A surviving victim identifies two suspects after a man is discovered dead. Quinn and Vince must use new thinking to identify the murderer.

Quinn and Vince are left to pick up the pieces of a failed robbery case when Veron Rouse passes away from his wounds a month later.

As Detective Quinn and Detective Velazquez look for evidence, they realize that this crime scene looks straight from a horror film!

With only a week away from the season 4 premiere, catch your favorite detectives solve this season's wildest crimes!

A well-known Atlanta civil worker is shot and killed in front of his home, and Quinn and Velazquez are called in to help. The stakes are high as detectives construct a timeline and look for a mysterious caller.

In order to prove that Lee Hines, aka Nitty murdered his ex-girlfriend Lacharity, Quinn and Velazquez examine his other relationships.

Detectives Quinn and Vince speak to Demetri Johnson, a surviving iPhone robbery victim as they chase down the violent robbing crew.