As Detective Quinn and Detective Velazquez look for evidence, they realize that this crime scene looks straight from a horror film!

With only a week away from the season 4 premiere, catch your favorite detectives solve this season's wildest crimes!

A surviving victim identifies two suspects after a man is discovered dead. Quinn and Vince must use new thinking to identify the murderer.

A well-known Atlanta civil worker is shot and killed in front of his home, and Quinn and Velazquez are called in to help. The stakes are high as detectives construct a timeline and look for a mysterious caller.

Detectives Quinn and Velazquez pass the Nacole Smith case to an intelligent rookie detective as they retire from the force, who makes an unusual suggestion to catch their well-hidden perp!

Detectives Quinn and Vince dig into the death of a man who was discovered dead along the side of the road. But while they do so, they discover that this murder can be tied to a series of violent iPhone-robbing sprees!

After seeking answers within the Inglewood neighborhood, Detectives Quinn and Vince Velazquez must find Kianna to see if she knows what happened to Henrico Morant.

After a man is shot while parked in a driveway, Quinn and Vince must discover a revenge plot to solve this murder.