ATL Homicide Video

Shaquilla Weatherspoon is found murdered with her belongings scattered around her. To the trained eye, it looks like the killer staged the crime scene.

Willie Bell is found naked and dead early in the morning. With nothing else to go on, Quinn and Velazquez discover that Willie was seen with two different women the night before he was found.

Detectives Quinn and Velazquez are chosen to take on the case of Apriel Allen, a woman who was murdered in her apartment two years prior. The detectives start over and hope to bring some peace to her family and friends.

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Quinn and Vince are tasked with looking into a man's death that was discovered in a trap house. And Vince finds himself in a deadly standoff.

A surviving victim identifies two suspects after a man is discovered dead. Quinn and Vince must use new thinking to identify the murderer.

Due to a mother's request, Quinn and Velazquez begin investigating a homicide while the victim is still alive, and the truth is revealed.

To find Barney Simms' murderer, Quinn and Velazquez must talk to the young man that was last seen with Simms before his murder.

A well-known Atlanta civil worker is shot and killed in front of his home, and Quinn and Velazquez are called in to help. The stakes are high as detectives construct a timeline and look for a mysterious caller.

After seeking answers within the Inglewood neighborhood, Detectives Quinn and Vince Velazquez must find Kianna to see if she knows what happened to Henrico Morant.