The Rickey Smiley Show Video

After losing Kenny and having Maurice as his producer, who keeps messing up, Rickey realizes how much he needs Kenny. So Rickey goes to rescue Kenny from his contract at Ray's radio station.

After being told she is too young to go out on a date, De’anna decides to sneak to the movies with a guy anyway. She plans an elaborate scheme, soliciting the help of Brandon and Aaron, only to find she is trapped in the same movie theater as Rickey who is on a date of his own. She is busted! They all have to have a serious discussion about trust Rickey scores a date with a woman whom he’s been trying to get close to for a while. The problem is everybody has plans Saturday night, including Aunt Sylvia and no one will be home to babysit Aaron. Rickey convinces Tiffany to watch Aaron. It doesn’t take long to realize Tiffany doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. She’s an only child and never had to deal with nieces and nephews. Aaron goes into full mack mode. He changes clothes, offers to feed her, ask what she’s looking for in a man. When Tiffany says she’d date a younger man if he was mature, Aaron thinks he has a shot. Tiffany is forced to learn to not be so business-like. She is also forced to show her tender side by letting Aaron down easy, but he may not take no for an answer.

Sister Bernice cares for Aunt Sylvia and De’Anna when they get sick and Rickey is out of town. Once they’re better, they can’t wait to get rid of Sister Bernice but realize they now have to take care of her when she gets sick. Juicy wins the lottery and Maurice, Simone and Kenny are jockeying to be on her good side until they realize she didn’t win as much as she thought.

Brandon decides he wants to be a stand up comedian but doesn’t realize how difficult it is. Rickey tries to give him some advice but Brandon believes he can make it without his father’s help. Maurice hangs out at Rickey’s house while his home is being fumigated and totally disrupts Aunt Sylvia’s plans of hosting a social group at the house.

Rickey’s ex wife, Monica returns home after losing her big case in LA. She is depressed about the case and spends more time with the kids in order to cheer herself up. She tells Rickey that she has missed the kids and wants to assume custody. She is shocked when Rickey says no.

Brandon’s tries to become popular by befriending a highly recruited basketball player that attends his school. The player is accused by the school of cheating on his college entrance exam and is suspended from school. The friend says he is innocent and actually accuses the school of racism for questioning his intelligence.

During the Morning show Rickey announces it’s time for the annual fundraiser at his church. To make things different this year Bernice coaxes Rickey into being a celebrity judge on the first annual Gospel Idol.

De'anna is crazy about a senior at her school and Rickey prohibits her from seeing him because she’s too young to date and nobody is good enough for his baby girl. De’anna is sad and about to break it off with him until Rickey discovers the kid is the top college football prospect in the nation and more importantly he’s leaning towards attending Rickey’s alma mater, Alabama. He may even pledge Rickey’s fraternity (stepping).

Aunt Sylvia is getting tired of cleaning up behind three very capable children. She tells them she is not their maid and challenges them to be more responsible for themselves and keep the house clean. No one takes her seriously until she decides to go on strike.

A high profile rapper informs Maurice that he wants to sample one of his songs on his next CD. Maurice jumps at the chance. He thinks this is the move that will put him back on top.