Of all thirty-nine Prince studio albums, “Purple Rain” remains to be the most iconic. So much that people are eager to see what new tracks will be on the reissue of the album on June 9.

Variety is reporting that the first disc will be the original album, the second disc will contain edits, extended versions and B-sides from the five singles released from the album, and the third magical disc will contain unreleased music from the era.

Of course, people are extremely thirsty for this major fan collectible and an alleged tracklist has “leaked”:

Disc 2: Edits & extended mixes

  1. When Doves Cry (7” single edit)
  2. 17 Days (single edit)
  3. Let’s Go Crazy (single edit)
  4. Erotic City (single edit)
  5. Purple Rain (single edit)
  6. God (single edit)
  7. God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (instrumental)
  8. Another Lonely Christmas (single edit)
  9. I Would Die 4 U (single edit)
  10. Baby I’m a Star (single edit)
  11. Take Me With U (single edit)
  12. Erotic City (extended version)
  13. Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
  14. I Would Die 4 U (extended version)

Disc 3: From the Vault

  1. The Dance Electric (11:29) (bandmate Andre Cymone version)
  2. Love and Sex (5:00)
  3. Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version) (12:18)
  4. Velvet Kitty Cat (2:32)
  5. Katrina’s Paper Dolls (3:30)
  6. We Can F— (10:17)
  7. Electric Intercourse (studio version) (4:57)
  8. Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden (6:25)
  9. Possessed (7:56)
  10. Wonderful A— (6:24)
  11. Father’s Song (5:30)

Sources also say that the reissue will also include two concert films, one of which is will be a “Prince and the Revolution Live!” video filmed in Syracuse, New York in March of 1985 — one of the last dates of the 100-date “Purple Rain” tour.

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