We just can’t seem to get enough of Prince.

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It is being reported that there would have been a Netflix reality series focusing on Prince and his Paisley Park residence in Minnesota. According to the Associated Press, a Netflix spokesperson mentioned that the VOD platform was in “discussion” with Prince about the project but due to his unexpected passing the project never came into fruition.

Maya Washington, a close friend a photographer mentioned to GQ that Prince wasn’t all that thrilled about the project, saying that although he realized people found him interesting, he’d much rather save the world.

Uh, we def have a few thoughts about that!

1. Dammit! This would have been great for TV. Knowing Prince, it would have been more like a docu-series, you know, like Mariah’s World. Life is unfair!

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2. Could you imagine the impromptu performances or one-man studio sessions that would have happened on the show? Hey, we can dream.

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3. The levels of shade that would of been thrown on this show would have been astronomical. A side-eye there, a side-eye here, a side-eye everywhere!

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4. Seeing Paisley Park from the comfort of our living rooms would have been nice. Especially that closet. Ain’t no telling what treasures Prince had in there.

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5. Honestly, it would have been cool to see Prince in a more relaxed environment…yeah right! He probably really did have someone feed him grapes at the snap of a finger.

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6. We could have learned a beauty tip or two (i.e hair, skin, makeup) but there goes that opportunity.

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