Fatal Attraction Video

When Johnnie and Marquita Sutton fall deeply in love abroad, tragedy comes when one of them is found murdered in their own house. What about the perpetrator of this horrific crime, though? The boundary between the criminal and the victim is muddled by the facts.

Kiera's friend talks to the detectives and shares some shocking news. Could this be another lie being told to the police?

Why someone would harm a young mother who is shot inside her car is tough to comprehend. To identify potential suspects, detectives must navigate layers of deception, contradicting testimony, hesitant witnesses, and possessive conduct.

Police find a lady shot in her bedroom after receiving an anonymous 911 call. Can the murderer be closer than expected?

After a truck driver, Albert Thomas was discovered dead in the cab of his semi-truck, investigators are determined to solve the case.

When 35-year-old Tiffany James is fatally shot on Halloween night, investigators examine her relationships to discover if a ghost from her past is haunting her or if her current relationship is more sinister than it appears.

A week before Christmas, Francheska Lane, her mother, and her seven-year-old daughter were tragically engulfed in a house fire. While investigating what may have caused the fire, police find something odd at the scene.

Police investigate whether a malfunctioning heater or arson caused a fire that killed a mother, grandmother, and seven-year-old daughter.

Eleven days into the investigation, the authorities call one of George's associates for questioning. However, on the same day as the questioning, the police get a horrific tip.

After promising to turn his life around after serving time behind bars, Michael Holmes’ life is tragically cut short. Was it his past catching up to him?

When Erica Brooks finally speaks to the Miami-Dade County police, she talks about the argument that she and Daveon Hall had a week prior to his death.

When the mother of Daveon Hall discovered him shot to death inside his Pembroke Pines apartment, it set off a manhunt for his murderer in Miami-Dade County.