Fatal Attraction

Photo by: TV One True Crime Mondays are baaaack! Some people are fascinated with true crime televisions shows, such as Tv One’s biggest hits such as Fatal Attraction and Sins of the City. With TV One’s True Crime shows, we see our loyal fans become enthralled by weekly episodes that cover some of the nation’s famous […]

Avoid these 5 guys---your life may depend on it!

This week’s favorite tweet from @Pragmatism14 isn’t fatal or flawed, unlike the folks in the latest Fatal Attraction episode. This story on #FatalAttraction feels like a Hotep free love cult that went too far. Be careful who you follow, online and otherwise for real — ROSS (@Pragmatism14) April 12, 2016   Don’t know what a Hotep […]

Each pulse-pounding hour-long episode of Fatal Attraction centers around an incredible and dangerous romance.  Shocking crime, kidnapping or even murder is only half of the story!  In the end, the “true love” that draws these couples  together isn’t the kind that celebrates silver anniversaries – instead it leads to cross-country manhunts, bizarre cover-ups and dramatic […]